Bio: By day, I am a communications professional, a crisis manager, trying to have a great time, and learn a few things and pay the bills. By night, I'm a wanna-be world traveler, language enthusiast, an aspiring travel agent and an enthusiastic genealogical researcher. I love travel, languages, and people. I want to have a great time and experience local cultures. But I need good sheets and a blow dryer. I prefer wonderfully cooked, simple food to anything complicated or fancy. When I travel to someplace I've never been, I spend the first day seeing the must-see, touristy things. (I mean, what you if you never get back and you spend the rest of your life admitting you've been to Paris but didn't see the Eiffel Tower?!) The rest of the time, I'd prefer to live like the locals. And whenever possible, I'd prefer to live like family who came before me.

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