April 27, 2017


Post treatment Month 4

Scarlett’s check up turned out great. Her ANC is 2900 and all of her labs look good. She has been complaining of a sore tummy so that was our big concern today. We don’t know (again) if it’s attention seeking or real although it seems pretty consistent. It could be acid reflux which she has had since she was a baby or a left over effect of her cryptosporidium infection. I believe that the two infections were pretty rough on her entire GI system. We will try omeprazole for the next week and see if it improves.

We have been spending the past few months adjusting to life again. It seems like every time we hit a new treatment phase, it is like starting a new chapter. We need to pause, evaluate and come up with a new plan. We are still in the “pause” phase, I think, and just taking one day at a time. I think that every new chapter is a shock to the system because there should be less to worry about. Should be. There are always wake up calls – fevers, sickness, new opportunities to think about, friends situations…our friend Emma’s relapse is really hitting us hard. It’s a scary thing to think about. In my mind I know it’s rare but my heart still aches. It doesn’t help when Evangeline tells me one night “I just don’t think I’ll be in this world very long”. What?!? Scare me to death child!

Bottom line is, even when things are quiet, they are never really easy. Childhood cancer never really goes away. It’s always there. We have lots of friends needing prayers this month, too many to name. Please keep them all in your prayers. Thank you!

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