December 16, 2016


One Month Post Treatment

It’s technically not one month since her last dose of chemo but Thursday was Scarlett’s first post-chemo appointment. She still has her “button” (port) so she was accessed for blood draw and to flush it.

Her check up went quite well! She looks great! She’s been in physical therapy for a month now and enjoys doing her “exercises”. She is active and energetic. The only complaint we had was a rash that reappeared. It developed in October when she went off chemo for a few weeks. Dr. H told us that, as children detox from the chemo, the body’s allergic response hyperactivates and kids can develop rashes. That, on top of her sensitive skin, has created a perfect storm of itchy rashes and eczema over her entire body. Dr. B went over tips for reducing the itchiness and rashes (only 2-4 baths per week, lotion at least twice a day, stop washing hands – which goes against everything we have taught her). Her hands are the worst because she is a very good hand washer. But by washing so thoroughly, her hands are in danger of breaking open and introducing a blood infection. Scarlett’s ANC was a whopping 6000! Dr. B felt like she is on her way to being able to fight an infection on her own. We will do one last dose of IVIG next week and remove her port the following week! I feel like we only have two more steps until we have a sense of “closure” and port removal is one step.

Dr. B went over the list of side effects that we need to be on the lookout for. He said it’s a day he loves and hates – celebrate being done with treatment but now listing all the new things to worry about. One day at a time I guess. We love Dr. B and his sense of humor, honesty and respect. One of the side effects is regression in cognitive function or learning disabilities. Dr. B said “well in Scarlett’s case, it will probably be going to Yale instead of Harvard”. Oh how he knows our dear girl! I hope that’s the only problem she ever has to worry about!

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