September 25, 2016


Maintenance Day 534: A Weekend With Froggy

On Friday, Scarlett was given an assignment. It was her turn to take Froggy home for the weekend and play with him. Afterward, she must help to write a story of what Froggy did on his visit. We wrote a story of the fun things that Froggy did: had a snack after school, went to the Color Run, snuggled, did crafts…this is what really happened during Froggy’s weekend.

Friday night, at the Color Run, Froggy listened to Scarlett scream during a prednisone tantrum because Grammy threw away her melted bowl of ice cream. Before that, Froggy watched Scarlett refuse to eat dinner then cry uncontrollably because she was hungry and wanted Daddy to make her dinner in the car on the way home.

Saturday, Froggy listened to Scarlett yell at Evie because Evie asked if Scarlett’s white medicine was making her crabby yet. Froggy watched Scarlett and Daddy make her own mini pizzas for lunch because Scarlett didn’t want the pizza Grammy had ordered for everyone. But when Scarlett saw the pizza that was delivered, Froggy heard her tell Daddy that she didn’t want the pizzas he had made especially for her anymore. She wanted the pizza Grammy ordered. Then Froggy took a nap with Scarlett while her brother and sister played with friends because Scarlett’s chemo kicked in today. Froggy went to bed early because Scarlett was still tired at 7:00. Then Froggy got to watch Mama and Daddy strip the bed and change the sheets as Scarlett took a shower because she has diarrhea so bad that she can’t control her bowels any more.

On Sunday, when Froggy wasn’t sleeping with Scarlett he was waiting patiently while she spent 15 minute bursts of time in the bathroom on a near hourly basis. Froggy helped give Scarlett morphine in the hopes that it would 1) help her sleep 2) alleviate her belly pain and 3) constipate her a little bit to stop this incessant diarrhea.

We will just tell Scarlett’s class that Froggy had a great weekend playing and snuggling. If anyone asks, Froggy can say that his weekend was just fine.

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