June 20, 2015


Maintenance Day 73: Father’s Day

A reflection of a man’s heart in seen in his love for his children. My children are surrounded in a love so complete that it is overwhelming. Brock has a patience that cannot be matched. He is self-sacrificing, devoted, giving of everything he has. He is more than the best father that I could have asked for my children.

Tate has been challenging us recently with an abundance of questions. “If the Earth is round, then why is it flat when I’m standing on it?” “If Heaven is in the sky, are we in Heaven?”, as we were flying. “Where do our eyes go when we die?” Brock takes the time to patiently answer every question honestly. When he is working on a project, he allows Tate to help – even if it is ten times more work and time. The pride that I see in his eyes for his son fills my heart with joy.

Brock and Evangeline have so much fun. I love to hear them laugh together. They both have such a zest for life. She reminds me of the carefree Brock that I love so dearly. The two of them have gotten to be so close this year, when Scarlett would only want Mama. She reminds him that life can be fun and silly even when it’s hard.

Ever since Scarlett was born, she has been a challenge. Within a few months, she began to wake at 11:00 every night. She would scream. All night. I suspect that she had undiagnosed GERD and her poor little belly hurt every time she would lie down. So every night, for over a year, Brock would rock her, from 11:00 until morning. He gave every ounce of his strength to make her more comfortable and to allow me some sleep. Since her diagnosis, He has become a caregiver, a medical expert, and a comforter. He has sacrificed his career goals to be a family man.

Although this is Father’s Day, being a good dad also involves being a good husband. Brock makes me a good mom because we share our burdens and lean on each other. During hard times, we have grown closer instead of apart. He has set an example for all of our children of the dedication and love that it takes to be the best. I hope that Tate sees that his father was loving, kind hearted, and strong. I hope that our daughters look for a man that is strong enough to take care of them and gentle enough to care for their children.

Brock, from all of us – Happy Father’s Day! You are loved more than you will ever know. You are appreciated more than we could ever tell you. You are more special than we can ever show you. Thank you for being you and for giving me the three most special gifts I could have ever asked for. We Love You!

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