November 28, 2014


Thanksgiving and Gratitude

I’ve taken the time recently to really reflect on how truly blessed we are. Although we cannot say that we are thankful for three healthy children, we can say that we are blessed with three happy and safe children. They make us smile and laugh each and every day and make us collapse in bed at night from pure exhaustion. We are thankful to have each other. Without Brock, I can’t even imagine how I would cope or get through the day. We are thankful to have family and friends to support us and for the careers to allow us to support our family and have some flexibility to be with them in this time of need.

But we are truly grateful to everyone that has helped us in so many ways. We have the most amazing family who have visited, cooked, done fundraisers, called, sent letters, done research…the list goes on and on. We have wonderful friends and neighbors who have filled our tummies and our hearts with great food and kind words. We have met supportive and generous strangers who have become family to us. We are grateful for Scarlett’s doctors for diagnosing her, believing us when we knew something was wrong, explaining options and treatments, treating us with respect and compassion, and for continuing to do research to find a cure. We will never have the opportunity to thank everyone of you personally but during this season and every day, know that your kindness and generosity never go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a tragedy to know how truly loved you are. And sadly, there are families out there who don’t have the support and love that we do. We think about them every day and hope to find a way to help them in the future. So this Thanksgiving, we wanted you to know…
…The Tafelski family is thankful for you!

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