October 12, 2014


Consolidation Day 27: Home Sweet Home!

Scarlett came home tonight! That could be the end of my post and everyone would just get it. Her WBC count is up to 600 and her ANC was 120 today! Dr. B told us that she would be able to go home today or tomorrow depending on whether she could manage to stay hydrated. If she could drink enough during the day he would send her home. If not, she would get IV fluids tonight and try again tomorrow. So we filled up her 14 ounce cup with water and kept it right by her side all day. She never refused it when I offered. The hard part will be continuing to remember during a busy day to keep offering her water. She must have 24 ounces every 24 hours or there will be a threat of going back into the hospital. She did such a good job that they released us in time for supper tonight. We drove into our driveway at almost the exact same time that we left it exactly two weeks ago.

If home is where the heart is then my heart is whole once again. Our princess is back in her castle. I am expecting the next few days to be difficult with her acclimating herself back into our normal routine and relearning how to share her time/space/toys/attention. It took us 40 minutes to get her to lay in her bed tonight because she had gotten used to us being next to her. But she did eat supper (and a lot of it too!) and we stopped to get ice cream on the way home too (she ate almost a whole scoop!). Maybe she just doesn’t like hospital food but who can blame her.

It has been an incredibly busy weekend full of important things to share and we have an exciting week coming up. I’m sure I will be posting a lot this week. Thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes and prayers, food and babysitting time and respected our need for privacy. You all made a difficult two weeks a little bit easier!

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