October 6, 2014


Consolidation Day 21: Optimism!

This may be the moment that things turn around. Scarlett’s temp has been down for 24 hours now. Her ANC was up to 25. She even ate a couple bites today. Small steps are giant leaps in my eyes. Anything to raise our spirits!

Yesterday, Scarlett had an ultrasound of her pelvis/abdomen and a CT of her chest. They were looking for signs of a fungal infection. In the meantime, they started her on a stronger anti fungal medication. Whether this was the answer, we may ever know. It could have been a virus as well. It’s pretty common (from my research) to never figure out what is causing a neutropenic fever.

Tonight Scarlett is happy and playful. She has been smiling which melts my heart. She is singing and watching Lady and the Tramp. Tonight we will snuggle and I will shower her kisses. It’s so nice to have my happy baby back!

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