August 30, 2014


I realized that I forgot to post this. Oops!

Day 22: Hair

This is probably going to be my most superficial post – I won’t deny it. I’ve always dreamed of our little girls and their curly blonde hair and braids. I don’t know how many people that I have told how I can’t wait until my girls have hair like their daughters. But my girls were two before they got their first haircut – and they probably didn’t even really need it. But I actually enjoyed this. It made them look like babies yet. I’m not ready for them to look like big girls.

The picture that I always had of my children with curly blonde hair just like daddy came true. Everyone loves their hair! Every time we go out in public the first thing we hear is about them being twins and then about the hair. They were so beautiful without it but I just love those curls. They are untamable, wild and wonderfully out of control – kind of like them!

During our oncologist meeting we began to discuss the hair loss. The doctors told us that it would happen around three weeks (today). I commented about how Scarlett had just gotten hair. It wasn’t fair! But the doctor, who was always very serious and professional, made me laugh so hard that I cried when he responded “well, it looks like the wind blows pretty freely through her hair”. Why yes, yes it does!

Over the past week and a half we have noticed her hair falling out little by little. It was just a hair here and a hair there. Until it was more. By this week she was waking up with her pillow covered in hair. It was really starting to bother her because it would wrap around her fingers or get in her mouth. It was time.

I knew that I would never be able to shave her hair myself. Brock thought he could but I think he would have gotten through one strip and not be able to finish. A couple of people that know her said they wouldn’t do it. It’s just too hard. So I made an appointment with my stylist. I didn’t tell her ahead of time because I didn’t want her to say no. I couldn’t put it off any longer.

My mom and my sister were nice enough to “surprise” me and come for support. (I knew they would as soon as I told them when her appointment was). It was nice to have them to help. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought. We didn’t shave her head. I asked to have it cut as short as possible without shaving it. And she looks adorable! I know that she will still lose that hair but I think it will be less traumatic for everyone.

Daddy, Tate, and Evie got their hair cut short too to support Scarlett. I haven’t been able to get an appointment yet but I think I will keep growing mine and donate to Locks of Love when it’s long enough. There’s no sense in wasting it. I have been doing that every couple of years since I was 18 and my uncle died of cancer. (Although I can’t imagine anyone wanting this hair!). For any little girls that want to support Scarlett, we have orange ribbon clips (thanks to My Little Pixies on Etsy – she has become a true friend over the last year and so supportive now – visit her shop!).

Now I look at her and she is wonderfully chic! She looks so adorable that I don’t know what I was afraid of. I’m sure that I will be sad when she is completely bald but this is a nice transition. She has so many new hats and adorable headbands that she will never be “bald” if she doesn’t want to be. She is beautiful just the way she is!

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