September 3, 2014


Day 26: Pay It Forward

As we approach the end of Scarlett’s 30 day induction there are so many things that need to be said but I just can’t seem to find the right words to say them. Thank you just doesn’t seems to be enough.

From our family to perfect strangers, we have been blessed with so many thoughtful prayers and acts of kindness. These past few weeks have been so much “easier” because of love. The love that our parents give us with a phone call or surprise visit and encouraging word. The love that our neighbors give us through help and full tummies. The love that acquaintances show through their prayers and kind words. The love that old friends give by renewing those friendships of the past. We are surrounded and uplifted by love!

We are trying very hard to personally thank each and every one of you (slowly but surely). But somehow, a card and a few simple words doesn’t seem enough. You will never know what a simple gesture has meant to us. Brock and I are very quiet, simple and independent people and it has been extremely difficult to accept help, let alone ask for it. So to have people offer without a request is amazing.

Since we will never be able to “repay” all of you for everything that you have done, we hope that we can pay it forward. Doing small things for other families in need will be our goal for the rest of our lives. A simple gift bag of toiletries was like Christmas in the hospital. Cupcakes to children who are scared and lonely. Donating blood. Volunteering at fundraisers and sharing other families’ stories. I hope that we can make other families feel as full of love as we do every day. Maybe one of these kind acts will come full circle back to you.

Sometimes it takes being in the worst place in your life to really appreciate how wonderful our world can be.

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