August 31, 2014


Day 23: Our Neighborhood

Brock and I moved into our neighborhood eight years ago. We were the second house sold. Since then we have watched our neighborhood fill up year after year. We have met wonderful people and made some great friends. Over the years we have looked at bigger houses and places to build. We have considered moving to different cities and different states. But this neighborhood always feels more like home because of the people that surround us.

Scarlett’s diagnosis came the day before our neighborhood block party. It was a chance for everyone to get together, meet the newbies and maybe talk to people that we just hadn’t gotten a chance to meet. Unfortunately we missed that.

Our neighbors were some of the first to come to our rescue. They started a “take them a meal” program. Over the past three weeks we have eaten better than we ever have before! They have come to cut our grass. They have come to visit and to see if we are ok. But most importantly, they have given us a chance to have that extra time to be together as a family. We get to sit on the porch and rock Scarlett when she wants some “nuggles”. We get to spend extra time playing catch and swinging. It has allowed that extra hour every day to give some much needed attention to our children. We are forever grateful for that.

With so many neighbors stepping up to help us right now we have gotten the chance to meet some of the new ones. We didn’t need to be at the block party to meet you. You stepped in to help us whether you knew us or not. Thank you to all of you that have reminded us what a wonderful neighborhood we belong to. Your generosity is not going unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you! You are not just our neighbors or our friends but part of our family.

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