August 27, 2014


Day 19: Brock’s perspective

I’m taking a night off and passing the torch to Brock (be gentle. He’s nervous!)

Oh where do I begin? Scarlett continues with her mood swings and continuously changing her mind with what she would like to consume. It is not too bad though since she seems to rotate between orange cheese sick or white cheese stick (cheddar/mozzarella). The times that it can be sad is when you run out of cheesy pizza and she says, “Daddy did you find me any cheesy pizza yet?” The rest of the day was filled with love and attention from Nana Mary, and Auntie (crazy) Lori. It was very nice to have the company, and it allowed me to take Tate to his orientation day of school. Other than that the Peanut is allowing me to help more with what she wants, and appears to have fun with Dani and my different approaches for her to take her medicine and flush her tubes. She continues to be a trooper and amazes me with what she is able to tolerate.

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