August 13, 2014


Day 5: A new normal

Today was just a “normal day”. We are trying as hard as we can to continue life as close to normal as possible. We have gotten into a rhythm. After having twins, you tend to love a schedule. We have a fairly strict schedule and we try as hard as possible to stick to it.

Wednesday is “garbage, swimming, cheesy pizza day” according to Tate. The kids ran to the door, just like they always do, every time they heard the garbage truck go by. We went to swimming lessons tonight, just like always. And we came home and had “cheesy pizza” just like always. But this time, Scarlett didn’t run to the door. Scarlett didn’t go swimming. But Scarlett ate lots of pizza! And in between all of the “normal” stuff we had extra things to occupy our minds.

We met with the home health nurse today. All of our meetings are such a whirlwind that all I can do is sit and stare with a blank look on my face and hope I absorb something. I am not the type of person that likes surprises or unknowns or delayed gratification. I would love to have a 5 year plan and have every day be exactly what I have written down. Unfortunately, we are living day by day, moment by moment, and I have to be ok with that. I can’t wait until Friday when we find out what her bone marrow results are. I can’t wait until day 28 when we get her final bone marrow results and know what our next step is. Until then, we live for the moment – whether that is cleaning, cooking, kissing ouchies, giving meds or waiting.

Oh and we also saw our first picture of our soon-to-be niece/nephew. A reminder that miracles do exist!

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