August 11, 2014


Day 3: it appears as though progress is being made. Scarlett’s symptoms of leukemia were pain in her hip and shoulder. This was caused by the bone marrow in those bones overproducing cells. (Simple version). Today we saw a significant improvement in her pain level. She jumped on the bed for a little while (which she hasn’t done in almost 2 months), she took a walk to see the fish again, and most significantly she started using her arm again. These are all good signs! (I think)

Unfortunately, she is definitely exhibiting classic side effects of prednisone. She is agitated and can’t sit still. She is crabby as can be half the day and crazy silly the other half. Soon she will have the chubby cheeks to go with it. But I can deal with all of that.

Today we began to learn about the things we will have to do at home. Brock learned how to de-clot her PICC line every night. We are making a list of all the supplies we will need. We have arranged for home health to come. All of these are signs that we are going home soon! We are so excited to be back home with all three of our children, sleeping in our own beds, eating our own food. But it’s also terrifying. We now have to divide our time between every day necessities, work, and this new life. I’m sure that it will take us time but we will adjust. After 8+ years in acute care and long term care we are using our professional experiences in our personal lives.

With the help of some family members, we are in the process of setting up this site to share Scarlett’s story (as well as our own). We invite you to visit it, share it, contribute to it. We very much enjoy the comments from everyone. Please continue to let us know that you are thinking about her. Spread her story and ask everyone to pray for her please. We are trying to acknowledge and thank everyone as we get the time. Your well wishes and prayers keep us going and optimistic!



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