August 10, 2104


Day 2: today we had the best visitors of all! Tate and Evangeline came. Brock and I have been very nervous about Tate’s reaction to all of this. He is very observant and smart so he is absorbing everything. But he “does NOT want to talk about it”. We showed him and Evie Scarlett’s room first. We discussed how Scarlett was sick but she was the same Scarlett. She has a bad thing inside her but she wasn’t bad. And that it was not Tate’s fault. When we asked if he had any questions he asked “so how IS Scarlett?” His empathy made me cry.

When Scarlett saw Tate and Evie she gave them a great big hug and lots of kisses. It was incredibly sweet. Tate was very scared and tried to run away but when Scarlett hugged him he warmed up and hugged her back. It was very sad to see them go and made us all want to go home all the more.

We are so grateful to our family for helping us with Tate and Evie. I know that it was killing my parents not to be here with Scarlett but they were doing the most important thing for us by taking care of the most important things in our lives.

I think that everyone that has visited has left feeling better. They look at Scarlett and see that she is the same baby. She doesn’t look sick. She isn’t breakable or lying in bed all day. For those that can’t visit, please know that she is a fighter but I don’t think that she has noticed anything different. And please feel free to write, text, call, visit. It makes Brock and I feel so blessed to have so many people thinking about her.

3 thoughts on “August 10, 2104

  1. Carol Swingle

    This and Facebook will be a Godsend in keeping up with Scarlett’s progress. Thanks so much for all your entries. Keeping Scarlett in my prayers.


  2. Wendy Brault

    It indeed does help us all seeing her smiles and knowing she is handling this the best a two year old can. Prayers and thoughts are always with you all!


  3. Nichole Donker

    Thank you for keeping us updated. Times like this I hate being so far away. I am sending a hug to you and Brock and Scarlett through this email. You are constantly in our prayers! Today I pray for strength of mind and body for Scarlett and for you and Brock to not feel alone in this uphill battle. Love you guys!


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